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"New Errol" is a renaming and rebranding of "Errol Estate." Errol Estate at one time was an iconic golf community, but since then has gained a reputation of a retirement community. The redevelopment of Errol Estate into a life cycle property (by infusing new traditional neighborhoods and amenities) requires a rebranding which better represents what it truly will be, “New Errol”.
"Staghorn" is the centerpiece amenity of the New Errol community. It includes a redeveloped, championship-caliber golf course, a 25,000 sq. ft clubhouse and 40 room boutique hotel-lodge. The name is inspired by the Staghorn fern and pays tribute to Apopka's vibrant foliage.
The Staghorn Lodge is a 40-room boutique hotel designed to service members, corporate events, weddings and more. Overlooking the 18th green and Lake Errol, the lodge will enhance the overall experience of true destination golf and visitor lodging. Amenities within the lodge include concierge service, day spa, daycare, business center, and event hosting/catering.
The unsustainable golf and club operation has been insolvent for years and is losing an average of $50,000 per month. The current status must change. This plan is the best effort to save the golf course from permanent closure. The addition of new amenities will exceed beyond that goal and revitalize Errol.
The amenities include: a new clubhouse, boutique hotel-lodge, large-scale community water park, fitness center, community recreation trail, and multiple parks with playgrounds and pavilions. We will also be renovating the surrounding 320 acres into a championship-caliber golf course,
The golf course is currently closed and expecting to begin renovations in early 2018. The grand opening of the clubhouse, lodge and waterpark is expected in early 2019. The new residential developments will begin in 2018.
Two reasons: the community could benefit from a new housing option nearby as residents age, allowing Errol to remain their “home.” Also, the economic viability of senior housing allows for it to assist in underwriting the expenses associated with the ongoing maintenance of the golf course and water park.
The golf course has been insolvent for years with a rapidly declining membership. Research shows that if we allow the course to permanently close, surrounding property values will drop by at least 20%. In order to save the course, it is being supported with a new clubhouse and 261 new homes on a few existing holes. The new, sustainable course will be rerouted closer to the lakes. One major obstacle was the flood plain surrounding the lake course. The 100-year flood plain was increased by four feet in 2009, deeming the current Lake course 6th-9th holes the only developable residential land for new homes.
All but the current 6th – 9th holes (Lake Course) of the currently opened 18 holes will mostly stay the same. The 6th – 9th will be redesigned to create a true core golf experience around the lakes. The course is being renovated into a true destination, championship golf course.
Yes. Significant steps are being taken to upgrade the course to a championship caliber. With the unique topography and close proximity to major highways, this course has potential to be a destination golfing experience. With six tee boxes per hole, it will range from 4,450 yards to 7,680 yards. This will qualify the course to hold major professional/amateur events and still be very enjoyable for the members.
Yes, the golf course will offer about 250 overall memberships. The memberships include Corporate, Full Golf, Non- Resident, Young Executive, and Legacy, each with a custom structure to fit various needs. The course will be semi-private and also open to the public for daily greens fees.
The HOA rates within individual neighborhoods will not be affected. We will be entering in discussions with the EEPOA as it relates to public areas.

The new clubhouse, water park, golf course renovation, new entrance, 90 new residences and the first ALF building are planned to start simultaneously. The additional residences and senior living buildings will follow shortly after. 

A social membership is for individuals and households that would like to join the Staghorn Club in a non-golf manner. These members will receive benefits such as unlimited access to the water park, fitness center, spa and all food & beverage facilities. They will also receive other member services such as member discounts on purchases at the club and more.
The alternative plan calls to permanently close the golf course, then plat single family and townhomes on 20 of the 27 holes. This alternative provides very little economic or social value to the community, but as both developers and owners of the golf course, we will have to develop one of the plans. We prefer Plan A which includes saving the golf course and adding new amenities.
The renown group, Steve Smyers Golf Course Architects. Steve Smyers is most notably responsible for courses such as Isleworth, Bella Colina, Old Memorial, and many other highly-awarded courses in the US and around the world.
Traffic studies were conducted to determine the impact of an increase in population density. These studies indicated that New Errol will not congest any roads beyond their current limitations. In most cases, you can expect to see insignificant amounts of new ‘through traffic’ on neighborhood streets, if any. The new entrance at Vick Road will actually alleviate traffic off of Lexington Parkway and Errol Parkway.
No, the plan calls for a construction entrance off of Vick Road onto the current 7th hole of the Lake course. It will connect with the new Staghorn Drive that will be graded and used as the main construction route for the project.
New residences will include a mixture of carriage, cottage and town homes along with some larger detached single family homes. Home prices will be aligned with the fresh image of ‘New Errol’, with starting prices ranging from the low 300’s to high 500’s.
Indirectly, property values across Errol are expected to rise as upscale new housing, new amenities and community bonding infrastructure are added to the area. Directly, being a part of ‘New Errol’ with access to amenities adds overall value to existing homes future homebuyers.

Yes, current residences win in a big way. One, they avoid the closure of the entire golf course, which has been proven to drop surrounding property values by 20% or more. Rather than losing a golf course and replacing it with an infill of homes -- the alternative provides residents a new clubhouse, restaurant, renovated golf course, water park, community parks, and ultimately a more sustainable, enjoyable community.

We have brought on several key partners and firms to assist in the oversight of amenity operations. Please see our “News” and “The Team” website sections to read about some of the more important partners brought in to ensure the ongoing success of the project.

Signature H holds local community meetings at various times, advertised locally within Errol. The “News” link on signatureh.com will also announce significant updates as they occur.

We will begin taking reservations of homes and memberships soon. Your first opportunity to reserve a home can be found here. Membership plans are still being finalized, and are expected to be available shortly after plan approval in March 2018. If you are interested in either a new home, a membership, or both, please contact us.