GAI Consultants and Signature H Property Group have re-submitted the State-approved plan back to the City of Apopka, initiating the final steps to rezoning approval.

The remaining approval process includes reviews by the Development Review Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council.

The dates of the Planning Commission and City Council meetings have not yet been scheduled, but will be announced soon.

12/05/2017 | News | 5 Comments

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Holly Salmons

7 years ago

Thank you for posting updates. I check back often.

Carrie Shaw

7 years ago

This looks absolutely amazing. We live on Linkside Court and are excited about the new development. Many thanks to all who had the vision to move forward with this project.

Anthony Gale

6 years ago

It is a pleasure to see such a venture with this scope and planning form in this area. Looking forward to seeing this project completed.

Gean Olin

6 years ago

Looks amazing. I am looking forward to attending events and playing golf in the newly designed clubhouse and golf course.

JE Vizzusi

6 years ago

I have lived at Errol Estates (The Oaks) for more than 25 years. I have seen the demise of the Club and the Golf Coarse and all the amenities Errol Country Club offered. At one point I was actually going to propose to turn us into a huge Wildlife Refuge such as The Wekiva Reserve. You have not mention environmental studies and the last thing we need is a developer that will build more ticky tacky houses. I don’t see that here and I welcome the change so very much! You have my support 100%

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